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Muse pictural de la guitare     ( 14 visites depuis le 10-10-2006 )
Collection de peintures, dessins illustrations representant la guitare et le luth, du 13e siecle a nos jours. Collection of paintings, drawings and illustrations figuring the guitar or the lute, from the 13th century through today
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Granary-Guitars     ( 3 visites depuis le 23-12-2006 )
Granary-Guitars is a unique collection of playable instruments which on special occasions is open for the guitar enthusiast. Find out all about the guitar museum, see who has attended past open days and check out the latest recordings from Granary-Guitars
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GuitarNation - The First Virtual Guitar     ( 5 visites depuis le 11-04-2007 )
Une gallerie d'images de guitares et basse, classique, folk, electrique, romantique, baroque.
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Sherry Brener LTD Guitar Museum     ( 5 visites depuis le 23-12-2006 )
The classical guitars in this museum are the crown jewels of Antigua Casa Sherry-Brener. Featured in this museum are magical instruments designed and constructed by some of the most gifted artisans ever to walk on the face of this earth.
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