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Sheet Music

Guitar and piano
Voice and guitar or piano
Guitar and flute or violin
Trios, quartets, quintets
Le départ des Troubadour


Eighteen Century
Nineteenth Century
Terz Guitar
Guitar of Mauro Giuliani
Antonio Torres
Chronology of Works



Op 1 Studies Part 3
Op 1 Studies Part 4
Op 2 Six Variations
Op 3 Three Rondo
Op 4 Rondoletto
Op 4b Six Variations on the favorite air "la Molinara"
Op 5 Rondo
Op 6 Otto Variazioni
Op 7 Six variations
Op 15 Sonate brillante
Op 24b Tarantella (David Starobin)
Op 40 n°6 Divertimento
Op 45 Variations

Op 48 Study n°1, 2 and 3
Op 48 Study n°5
Op 48 Study n°9
Op 48 Study n°16
Op 50 Study n°22
Op 50 Study n°23
Op 51 Study n°1
Op 51 Study n°7 (David Starobin)
Op 51 Study n°11 (David Starobin)
Op 51 Study n°13 (David Starobin)
Op 51 Study n°14 (David Starobin)
Op 59 n°4 (David Starobin)
Op 59 n°15 (David Starobin)
Op 61 Grand Overture
Op 105 Variations on a romance from the opera Liebe und Ruhm (David Starobin)
Op 107 Variations
Op 111 Study 1 and 5
Op 111 Study 11
Op 112 Grandi Variazioni
Op 121 Rossiniana (David Russell)
Op 121 Rossiniana (Thomas Millioto)
Op 123 Rossiniane n°5 (Claire Sananikone)
Op 124 Rossiniana (Camilo J. Verga)
Op 148 n°7 - la melanconia

Variations on a Savoyard Thème


Op 130 Variazioni
Op 137 Polonesi n°2
Op 137 Polonesi n°3
The Barber of seville (The Gothenburg Combo)
The Barber of seville (Duo Maccari-Pugliese)
Opera Bellini's Il Pirata


Op 30 Allegro Maesto (Luciano Rusignuolo)
Op 30 Polonaise
Op 30 Concerto (Michael Erni)

Trio, Quartets, Quintets

Op 19 Serenata
Op 71 Rondo

Guitar and Piano

Op 68 Two Rondos

Voice and Guitar or Piano

Op 89 Sechs Lide - 5-Standchen
Op 89 Sechs Lide - 6-An Das Schicksal
Op 95 Sei Ariette

Guitar and Flute or Violin

Op 127 Serenata - Minuetto
Op 127 Serenata - Andantino Mosso


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